Confessions of a Union Buster

Union busting has been a widespread employer activity for many years and is today not the exception but the norm.  The Economic Policy Institute, in a study released three years ago, found that 41.5 percent of employers whose employees are organizing are charged with violating federal labor law. Another study found that 90 percent of employers at these workplaces held mandatory captive audience meetings, and two thirds required workers to meet one-on-one with their supervisors at least weekly

Employers today spend $340 million a year on union busting. Using both legal and illegal tactics, with labor laws barely enforced or penalties for violation minimal, it is one of the reasons working people’s pay and conditions have stagnated over the years.

A book, written in 2003 by a former hired union buster who had a change of heart, has been re-issued, It is called Confessions of  a Union Buster by Marty Levitt. It details many of the sordid details of his career over the years. It is must reading for anyone interested in the rights of working people

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