4,000 Unionists Plan New Organizing Steps at National Meeting

In what is reported to have been an inspiring weekend conference of labor union activists, opening speeches by those involved in current organizing drives drove home the picture of  working people building unions and fighting for their rights around the country.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8EI4x90xk2U[/embedyt]Highlighting the picture of the power and greed of giant corporations and the rising movement of workers, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders gave a rousing keynote speech to the Chicago gathering of some 4,000 unionists. What followed was two days of panels over the June 17-19 weekend in which the people involved in front line unionizing exchanged experiences and views to help push the nationwide upsurge further along. Among those participating in the conference were leaders and rank-and-file members from the unions that won election at the large Amazon warehouse in New York and  numerous Starbucks stores across the country.

The conference was sponsored by Labor Notes, a website publication that has been a long advocate for labor. Below, we are linking to the Labor Notes website, that is worth looking into for developments in the field of labor. Our website, SpotlightOnLabor.com is happy to associate with their continuing fight on behalf of America’s working people.

Labor Notes held a followup 0nline Zoom meeting on June 30 in which participants applauded and critiqued the conference and talked about future organizing and union building in its aftermath,

 Labor Notes Website, Further reports on Union Activities – Who Gets the Bird, June 18-25; Also, courtesy Locker Associates, New York