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After 5 months, Met Warriors Coal Miners Strike Continues

Eleven hundred coal miners have been on strike in Brookwood, Alabama since April 1 after the company engaged in a series of unfair labor practices and then made an “insulting” offer on wage negotiations. According to Jacob Morrison, Secretary-Treasurer of the North Alabama Area Labor Council, the workers made a major sacrifice for the company, […]

Back in 1975

Back in 1975, in a victory for farm workers, Cesar Chavez won the right for organizers of the United Farm Workers to have access to workers in the fields to speak to them about joining the union. The California law allows union representatives to speak to the vastly overworked and underpaid agricultural workers, during their […]

Other Items of Interest

President Biden in April signed an executive order creating a task force to examine existing policies regarding labor unions and issue a series of recommendations within 180 days on how they can be leveraged to promote worker organizing and collective bargaining in the federal government and  recommend what new policies should be created. — Eleanor […]

Assessing Future Labor Strategy

In the wake of the defeat of the drive to unionize Amazon warehouse workers in Bessemer, Alabama, many theories are being advanced on why the union lost and what labor’s strategy should be in the future.  One such theory appeared recently in The American Prospect by its editor at large, Harold Meyerson. Meyerson contends that […]

Making Big Money Busting Unions

When a big company wants to get rid of a union or prevent one from organizing, they don’t often do it by themselves.  They hire a specialist.  Law firms and consulting firms that earn fancy fees for skirting around the weak labor laws are readily available and they’ve been doing a great job at union […]

Labor Demands: Pass the Pro Act

LABOR DEMANDS: PASS THE PRO ACT A number of labor leaders, in a call to the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee, have made it clear to the party’s US Senators that their support of the PREO Act is crucial to union support and financial contributions to their campaigns for re-election.  The act, passed by the House […]