NLRB Counsel Condemns Widespread Anti-Union Tactic

In a memo to the National Labor Relations Board, Its general counsel, Jennifer Abruzzo, urged the board to reverse its precedent that had upheld the widespread employer practice of forcing workers to attend anti-union meetings on company time. The general counsel is charged with enforcing federal labor law. 

While these company-time  anti-union meetings are mandatory for workers, union representatives have been forbidden by the companies to address workers in the shops on their lunch times or breaks.

Abruzzo said she would soon file a brief before the labor board arguing that these coerce meetings are inconsistent with the National Labor Relations Act’s protection of the workers’ right to free choice,  “I believe that the NLRB case precedent, which has tolerated such meetings, is at odds with fundamental labor-law principles, our statutory language, and our congressional mandate.”

The practice of these coercive anti-union meetings and denying unions the right to talk to workers has been a widespread tactic used recently in union elections at Amazon and Starbucks.

NY Times, 4/7